To ensure the security of our candidates’ personal information and finances, Starz Advise DOES NOT collect any banking information or payments. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our consultants directly for verification.

Recruitment agency

Looking For A Recruitment Agency?

We have the right talent for you! We are a recruitment agency registered in Singapore and we strive to secure the best talents for our clients.

A Recruitment Agency that believes in delivering results.

Our Goals

At our recruitment agency, we strongly believe that people are the cornerstone of any successful business. That's why our primary objective is to offer top-notch employment services emphasising the highest quality possible.

Our Ideals

Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving meaningful objectives by utilising our services. To that end, our team is always engaged in sourcing the right talent to build a robust talent pool.

Our Expansion Vision

As our business continues to grow rapidly, we are actively exploring various methods to increase our visibility and expand our services. At present, we are focusing on expanding our reach in the Asia Pacific region, aligning with our clients' growth.

Redefine Your Human Resources Strategies With Our Expertise.

Our Qualified Consultants Work on The Followings;

Recruitment Agency
  • Provide valuable intelligence information to our clients.
  • Assist our clients in searching for and finding the right talent.
  • Evaluate and tackle each problem and provide professional proposals.
  • Recommend and redefine problem areas. 
  • Walk through with our client with the recommended procedures.
  • Transfer knowledge and provide extensive training. 
  • Constantly assist clients to improve an organisation’s effectiveness.

Why Choose Starz Advise?

Starz Advise is an experienced recruitment agency, composed of consultants and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our ideals and beliefs include”

Passionate and Committed

Sincere and Honest

Pragmatic and Effective


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