We are honored that our Director, Sharon Tham, has been selected as one of the female startup founders in Asia to be featured in Woman Entrepreneur Magazine 2023. Please click here to view the interview content. 

We have a strong team to help!

Starz Advise has a team of skilled professionals who are capable of providing assistance for any accounting or human resources related query. Our commitment and dedication to our work are reflected in the success stories and satisfied clients that we have. Our team will work tirelessly to develop the most suitable strategy for your organisation and its unique culture. Our ultimate objective is to witness our clients’ growth and success. 

What our customers say about us :-

“We have been working with Starz Advise since 2021. They are efficient and have been providing an exceptional service. Sharon, our Consultant, is an excellent aid for our recruitment needs. She is friendly, approachable and has an excellent understanding of our expectations. We appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow up to our request. It is a pleasure to have such an asset available to use and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Starz Advise.”  – Cohu Inc.

“I would like to take a moment to thank Starz Advsie for the recruiting service you have provided our Company multiple times this year. Response time is amazing and we are always presented with high quality candidates. We have had a 100% hire rate with Starz Advise! ” – Curvature.

Our Starz Advise Missions

Sincerity – At our core, we genuinely desire to assist our clients in their growth endeavors, and we operate with sincerity.

Talent – We hold the belief that it is imperative to cultivate the appropriate talents for our clients, while simultaneously creating enhanced career opportunities for individuals.

Agile – We possess agility as an organisation, allowing us to adjust and remain nimble in response to the rapidly evolving business landscape, thereby enabling us to act swiftly and efficiently.

Reliable – Our team of certified professionals delivers dependable resources and solutions that you can rely on.

Zeal – We approach our planning and strategies with zeal and enthusiasm at all times.

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